Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company for Your Marketing Campaign

So you've realized the benefits of video marketing. There are many! The question is, how do you make a marketing video that works? Obviously, not all of these videos are effective, and whether or not yours will be depends largely on the one who made it.

First and foremost, you need someone who has experience creating marketing videos, This may sound like a given, but it's not. A lot of freelancers out there have such impressive websites you'd think they create equally impressive marketing videos. Not always. If you want to take the safest route, find someone who has been in the business for at least three years. If he's been around that long, maybe he's doing something good because he survived. Video production is quite a competitive industry these days. Of course, whether the guy has been around for 5 or 15 years, you need to see his portfolio.

On the other hand, we know it's utterly unfair to dismiss the capabilities of a newbie just because he's a newbie. In fact, video artists who are just breaking into marketing powtoon market will have the most passionate drive to excel in what they do because, after all, they're trying to prove something - that they're good. If you think you can be a bit adventurous in your choice, give a newbie a chance, but! make sure he shows you some of his past projects. If things are looking good and the vibes are positive, then maybe he does deserve a chance.

Whether you're considering an old-timer or a new-timer, you need to ask for references. This very important because this is the closest you'll get to a pre-experience of what an actual experience with a video artist can be. When your prospects give you names and contact information, call or email these people. Ask them how it was working with the artist, and more importantly, if they would consider hiring the same person again.

Of course, any Powtoonist video marketing project entails cost. It's important that you ask for a quote, which must include all the projected expenses and the corresponding figures. The final cost must be clear and transparent, and you must emphasize that you are not going to pay for anything outside of what is in the quote, unless your prior permission has been sought.

The rest of the considerations are practical, like, are you comfortable with your prospect? Do you see yourself working with him in a friendly and productive environment? Does he return your calls or emails promptly? Does it feel right hiring him? Does he sound genuinely interested in helping your business grow through the video he's about to produce? So on and so forth.